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The Extension Success Circle 


👉The no bullshit programme that teaches you how to create insane results using hair extensions while growing your bank account to 6 figures and more.


🤟 Hear what our students have to say..


Loved the masterclass i attended with Meghan i learnt so much about the different types of extensionsand valuable business knowledge whcih has helped me to grow my clientele and profit!

- Natalie Buckle 


Training with Plushlocks was one of the most indepth trainings i have done so far. Not only has it helped me build my confidence in applying hair extensions but i have been able to fill the gaps in my day and focus on the services i love. 

- Diane Williams


This training helped my team so much i was so scared to train in hair extension safter hearing so many horror stories but Plushlocks took out the guesswork and i now look forward to every hair extension client that comes through my door

- Hannah Grace 

What are you waiting for?

I help hair stylists grow their bank accounts and slay in all things hair extensions.

To have the balls you need to be confident in your skills as a hair extension expert. I will provide you with simple, easy to follow techniques and proven systems that have helped me to grow my business to 6 figures.

Training with me, you'll receive guidance from someone with years of knowledge and experience under their belt to help you understand and tackle the challenges faced within the hair extension industry on the daily.

👆 My Mission To help salon owners and hairstylists create a successful business working on their dream clients and give them to tools to grow their bank account with the power of hair extensions. 👆




  • Implement our FREE templates, automations and procedures to create a smooth client experience from start to finish.
  • Create a luxury client experience to match your high ticket service with our trial and tested processes.
  • Create a strong brand identity that resonates with you ideal client and MARKET the hell out of it!


  • Perfect your consultation skills and identifying your clients needs to reach their desired hair goals.
  • UPKSILL at your own pace with easy access to our broken down turorials to perfect your techniques.
  • Understand the theory behind being an Extension Speclialist and learn what it takes to be one! UNCAPPED assessment uploads.


  • Understand your business' bottom line and start to see the RESULTS of mastering the extension game
  • MAXIMISE our product to profit guide to match the worth of your skills and high-ticket services.

📜 Hi I'm Meghan. 

Just like you, I'm a hairdresser. When I ventured into starting my own business, it was time to put on my big girl pants and juggle all the roles that come with being a self-employed hairstylist. For years, I kind of just winged it, preferring to ignore the deeper business challenges rather than face them head-on.

But 3 years ago, something clicked. I realized that to truly excel, I needed to do more than just be great at hair; I needed to master the business side of things too.

This meant streamlining my systems, getting my finances straight, and ensuring my service level justified my prices. I honed in on specialising in hair extensions, experimenting with numerous techniques and methods until I found the perfect fit for my business.

Amidst this transformation, I launched a hair extension wholesale company, which surprisingly took off more than I had anticipated.I'll admit, I've poured money into trying to become a better stylist and business owner, often feeling lost without the right tools at my disposal.

This journey included everything from business coaching, social media workshops, to countless subscriptions. But let me be clear, I'm no business guru.

What I excel at is working as a hair extension specialist on the salon floor every day. Yet, it's the tough lessons learned from my mistakes that have propelled my business to hit the 7-figure mark, allowed me to build my dream salon, and cultivate an incredible team I've trained from scratch.

If someone as clueless about business as I was can make it work, then trust me, so can you.

👉  With The Extension Success Circle you’ll be making 6 figures and working on your dream clientele! 

Say goodbye to...

  • The anxiety from a lack of confidence in your consultations and the constant worry about whether your clients are genuinely happy with their hair or not.
  • Looking at gaps in your week and freaking out, thinking about how much money your NOT going to make this week.
  • To the endless grind of working long hours, to earn a low wage, doing clients that don’t appreciate your worth or align with your businesss.

Instead, you’ll...

  • Experience the joy of witnessing your clients' smiling from ear to ear knowing you’ve made their hair dreams come true.
  • Be complaining about being so busy, and not being able to fit everyone in for at least 6 weeks in advamce because your now loyal clientele keeps coming back.
  • Be working less hours and earning more money while focusing solely on the clients that bring you joy and ignite your PASSION

So, what exactly is the The Extension success circle and how does it work?

  • The Circle is a 12 month programme broken down into 3 keys steps to help you grow your skills, your clientele and your bank account to the next level.
  • It is a self paced programme with exactly what you need to not only become an expert in the hair extension field but provides you all the tools that you don’t learn when you train as an apprentice.
  • In the circle I have created the easiest done for you methods to follow, to help you learn all the key skills that come with owning a hair extension business.
  • Not only will you learn all of these skills, you will get to become a part of an exclusive community to connect you with like minded hairstylists who all want to succeed like you!
  • The circle has been designed with SUPPORT being our number one priority. You get access to a weekly group call discussing any struggles you are going through with your business or training.
  • Uncapped assessments - The circle allows you to upload any models or applications you have done to be assessed by our experienced educators at any time. We are here to help you grow as a hair extension specialist and in order to do that we need to be able to give you feedback and help you troubleshoot any issues your having with your installs.
  • This programme is not your typical course that is a load of worksheets to download or the basic hair extension installs you see in a course.
  • This is to put you out of your comfort zone, to become a better and more knowledgeable hair extension specialist.
  • Being a creative mind means we strive for perfection and push the boring jobs aside such as admin, finances and tracking. So we have the tools for you to ensure your business runs smoothly and PROFITABLE.

So, who is the extension success circle for?



Calling all salon owners! who with a team of stylists who need guidance and support with not only perfecting their appliction skills but to help you as an owner, create the non negotiable processes and systems to enure a smooth services for every hair extension client that walks through your door.



This programme is a gold mine for anyone who has started out their journey self employed and has absolutely no clue on how to grow their clientele. We create a process to follow, to organise everything that goes on in the background, that you dont get taught in your apprenticeship .



Future self employed stylists looking to eventually go out on their own to the world of freelance, this programme will prep you for success. It will guide you and stop you from making all the typical mistakes we make in our first 2 years of business!



To the Hair extension specialists who don’t have a hairdressing certificate, this will help you to grow your skills in more ways than ever, by truly teaching you all the correct techniques you need to install hair extensions and manage your own business.



If you're someone who has a goal to design their own line of hair extensions everything you need to know about sourcing will be shown in this programme or i'm here to help you with any guidance you need to start this journey. No gatekeeping, just honest feedback and help to get you to your goal.




To become an expert in hair extensions you need to have OPTIONS. The circle will show you how to tackle of different hair types and textures. 



The Circle will teach you not only how to gain new clients daily but how to retain an 80% rebooking rate with all of our easy to follow steps. 



Learn how to grow your bank account and achieve your financial goals with simple tools to help you budget and grow your profit margin to 6+ figures per year. 

🤯  Have you taken your first hair extension course and still have so many unanswered questions and worries of what to do next!?👆

How does it work?

Follow the road map to success: CLIENTS, SKILLS, PROFIT, BUSINESS ESSENTIALS

  • Our expert team will provide you with a recommended road map for success based on which stage in your career you are at.
  • Complete each module in your personalised order to achieve high results!
  • Utilise our EXCLUSIVE Stylist Dashboard, that allows you to track your progress and help you cross the finish line.
  • Upload all your video and photo assessments for revision, this will help you to grow and perfect your techniques with professional feedback. We are here to HELP!
  • Take advantage of the BONUS calls with our head educators to ask any questions and receieve the correct advice, no question is a silly question.
  • Get social with our COMMUNITY and network with passionate stylists who will uplift you and share your wins.
  • Once you have completed the 12 months you will receive a certificate of completion which you have become a MASTER Plushlocks Stylist.

🤟 Testimonials


Meghan has been doing my hair now for over 8 yrs. Very friendly, amazing at colouring and doing my extensions. The extensions are gorgeous, soft, best I’ve ever had and last ages! The salon is lovely and the girls always make you feel relaxed. Meghan convinced me to go for a colour melt have a break away from the bleach. I was so nervous but she found a colour that I loved and I have had so many compliments!!

- Kerry Freeman


From the moment I walked I this salon oozed comfort and glam. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I had my hair done by the glam queen herself, Hannah. She did a full head of highlights and a style. My hair looked and felt beautiful and I left feeling incredible. Such a vibe, such an experience! Definitely recommend! X

- Tashia Paulus


I've just had the most AMAZING hair extension and salon experience of my life! Hannah is by far the best at what she does. I was made to feel very welcome and very special and the owner Meghan has handdown the best knowledge and the level of customer service provided here exceeds all expectations when it comes to what will work for someone's hair. Thankyou ladies you are amazing and I finally have the hair iv dreamed off natural looking beautiful thick locks!! Xx

- Courtney Swan


The Extension Success Programme


A never been seen approach to hair extension education. Join the growing community today!


🙂 Imagine....

 Walking into your business and looking at your day of fully booked dream clients knowing that you know exactly how to approach each step of the service and give your clients the highest possible quality service along with creating KILLER RESULTS! Creating that show stopping content that is going to land you more of those DREAM CLIENTS. Looking at your bank account growing each day and receiving messages of gratitude and love, from happy clients. That is how the extension success circle can help you SUCCEED. Working the way you have always dreamt of doing transformational hair with your biggest weapon HAIR EXTENSIONS!

See what our clients have to say


HOLY SMOKES GIRL!!! I have done $1000s of dollars worth of hair extension education and the things you have given in one education woah!!! will be recommending any stylists wanting to learn hair extensions to your course, everything is here but just even the skills with the application is comthing else <3

- Mel Cowling 


Hey Meghan! Thank you so much for creating this program! Im so excited to start implementing things in my salon!

- Ella Burke


As a self employed stylist i was so overwhelmed with all the extra work i needed to do to ensure i was ticking all the boxes Meghan and Stef  are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair extensions and supported me so much through this journey and I am so happy to be finally seeing profit in my business and all of my clients couldnt be happier!!! 

- Lucy Mackenna 

Is This You...?

  • You want to become a hair extension master but just don't know how to start and wasted so much money on pointless downloads. 
  • Do you found yourself overwhelmed with all of the extra workload of being a self-employed hairstylist? Constantly living week to week in. your business. 
  • Do you struggle to understand how to make the income you DESERVE.
  • Do you worry about not givng your clients the full package because you lack the knowledge to truly perform to your best ability. 

Imagine if ...

You became a well known hair extension specialist booked out weeks in advance. 
Going to work everyday knowing your business is super organised and truly knowing your numbers watching the money build up. 
Creating insane transformations everyday watching your clients confidence grow in the chair. 

this is what’s included


Key Components

  • UNLIMITED 12 months access to The Hair Extension Success Circle $3499
  • Ready made templates of every single strategy and system we have used in our salon to build a 6 figure business $1999
  • The stylist dashboard - A hairstylists engine to keep all of your business in the one place including our finance
    calculators. Designed specifically for self employed hair stylists to make  running your business EASY. $1999
  • Hours of live training footage available at your finger tips, to learn innovative installation techniques and how to solve every problem when installing hair extensions,  $1999
  • Constant support and feedback through uncapped assessments and weekly group calls to become a STRONGER CONFIDENT hair extension specialist $14499


  • Become apart of a supportive community that is available for guidance and support at any time!
  • Endless marketing materials that are editable for your salon vibe!
  • BONUS modules on service memberships, trialed and tested in our salon
  • NO  GATE KEEPING, referrals from business coaches andmarketing teams who helped US along our business growth PLUS guest speakers. 

Total Value: $23,995

Limited time offer: $3,499

What makes The Extension Success Circle different? 

  • This is not just a 1 day course where you will learn the basics and then forget everything a few days later. To truly excel as a hair extension specialist, I believe it takes time and dedication to become a true EXPERT. I have personally taught over 100 stylists and from experience it has shown me that it can take a long time of constant practice, trial and error. You have to really nail your skills to become a top dog in this competitive industry. Don't be fooled by the noise around you; if you want to stand out and be recognized as an expert, invest the time and effort into setting standards for your clients and for yourself.
  • Hair extensions are damaging to natural hair. Reality Hair extensions only damage hair when applied correctly or not looked after by the client at home. A good hair hair extension specialist will go the extra mile to perfect each tiny detail to ensure a seamless application and have a solid foolproof aftercare plan for their clients to follow. The circle is here to solve all your problems and grow your clientele. 
  • Don't settle for pointless downloads or 1 day courses with a promise you will become a hair extension expert instead join the Circle for an education that will set you apart from the rest with simple easy to follow steps that we have implemented and seen HUGE RESULTS with. 

Here is your 12 month plan to stop you feeling so unmotivated and finally get your spark back and start making some real money as a hair stylist!

🤟 Testimonials



- Kerry Freeman


From the moment I walked I this salon oozed comfort and glam. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I had my hair done by the glam queen herself, Hannah. She did a full head of highlights and a style. My hair looked and felt beautiful and I left feeling incredible. Such a vibe, such an experience! Definitely recommend! X

- Tashia Paulus


I've just had the most AMAZING hair extension and salon experience of my life! Hannah is by far the best at what she does. I was made to feel very welcome and very special and the owner Meghan has handdown the best knowledge and the level of customer service provided here exceeds all expectations when it comes to what will work for someone's hair. Thankyou ladies you are amazing and I finally have the hair iv dreamed off natural looking beautiful thick locks!! Xx

- Courtney Swan


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