Plushlocks Professional

Our Story

Meghan Hayden, Owner & CEO

"I am so excited to finally bring you all Plushlocks. I absolutely adore this brand and have worn hair extensions myself for over 14 years and I can safely say this hair is like no other. I hope you all love it as much as I do "

For over a decade, Meghan has been trained in multiple Different Hair Extension Methods includingWeft Extensions, Tape Extensions, Nano Bead Extensions, Micro Weft Extensions and Flat Track Weft Extensions across Ireland, the UK & Australia. After repetitive struggles to find a Hair Extension company that aligned with both her brand ethics and values, Meghan decided to make a change in the industry herself. Meghan spent 2 years trialing and testing different systems, installation methods and hair sources before she was finally able to release her very own line of Premium Bespoke Weft Hair Extensions in Perth.Meghan has curated a modern, timeless and completely customisable colour palette to guarantee consistent and flawlessly blended results.

Exclusively utilising the finest hair sourced from Russia, Meghan's Hair Extension quality and colour selection stand incomparable to competitors in the market.

The range consists of over 35 colours that have been mindfully designed to embody the current colour trends within todays market. Meghan's reputable background as a highly trained colourist ensures that her colour range will continue to evolve to correspond with changing seasonal trends.

The exceptional multi-tonal colouring system guarantees the perfect blend, delivering your clients a truly bespoke and natural result. We understand the importance of achieving that flawless, individualised look, and our system is designed to make it a reality for your clients.

Moreover, we take pride in using Premium Hair Extensions comprised of the highest quality, ensuring that your clients can enjoy the luxury of reuse without any concerns about shedding or matting. With our top-tier product line, we provide both you and your clients with the durability and longevity that elevate the overall salon experience.

Plushlocks Weft Hair Extensions have been ethically sourced and go through a gentle colouring system to give you the softest quality coloured hair on todays market. The cuticle is perfectly aligned, ensuring it remains resistant to tangling and frizzing..