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Valuable Experience


Our director pricing is with our most highly experienced stylists, who have amble years of experience behind them.

Plushlocks Founder + Director


Meghan is the founder and director of Plushlocks. Bringing 19 years of experience in the industry, education is her passion!

  • Head Colourist and Extension Specialist
  • Head Educator Plushlocks Academy
  • Full time mam and full time Boss Lady

FUN FACT – I was on the Olympic handball team for Ireland!

3+ Years Experience

Senior Stylists

Our senior stylists are those who are experienced in the Plushlocks techniques and entire experience. They have the final Plushlocks touch which is catered to all clients.

Senior Stylist


Hannah bring 20 years experience in the industry. Her passion is driven by creating the perfect journey for her clients and customising their desired look.

  • Bespoke colour and restyle specialist
  • Extension specialist in training..
  • FUN FACT – I blow-dried Pat Butcher and she gave me a 50c tip!

Senior Stylist


Chloe has been in the industry for almost 12 years. Extensions has been her main focus as she believes it brings her clients the ultimate confidence instantly.

  • Bespoke Colour and Weft Specialist
  • Soon to be mam!
  • FUN FACT – I was a supreme champion horse riding
    who was unbeatable in my division!


Senior Emerging Stylists

Senior emerging is priced accordingly as these stylists are close to their qualification. These stylists still have the full Plushlocks experience behind them.

Senior Emerging Stylist


Taleesha is in her 3rd year of her hair dressing apprenticeship and approaching almost 1 year with Plushlocks. Taleesha thrives on learning new techniques and ups killing in all aspects of hairdressing.

  • Junior extension specialist
  • FUN FACT – I started my side hustle renting clothes at 17 years old

Hairdressing Apprentice

Emerging Stylists

Our emerging stylists are those who have been taken under the Plushlocks wing. These stylists still require mentoring as they are in the process of their apprenticeship, so their appointments are selected and do have that added time at a discounted price.

Emerging Stylist


Jade is now in her 2nd Year of her hair dressing apprenticeship. Becoming a hairdresser was something she always felt destined to do. She believes there is a power to creating confidence for those sitting in your salon chair, why not be that person.

  • I aspire to be an influential colourist and weft specialist
  • FUN FACT - I have been punched in the stomach by a kangaroo!