What hair are the clip in sets made of?

Each set is made with 100% Remy European hair. 


How many pieces are in my set? 

Plushlocks deluxe clip in set contains 8 pieces of lace weft. 

1x 10’ weft 

1x 8’ weft 

1x 7’ weft 

1x5’ weft 

2 x 3’ weft 

2x 1’ weft 


What length are the clip in set? 


Each set is 20’ in length. 


How many grams are in my clip in set?

Each set contains 160g. 


How long will my clip in extensions last? 

With the right aftercare plush locks deluxe clip ins will last between 9-12 months. 


Can I style my extensions?

Yes. Our clip ins can be curled, straightened, shampooed and blowdried. We do reccommend using a heat protector each time you style the extensions. 


Can I get help with colour matching my own hair to the extensions? 

Yes.  If you are unsure what colour to chose please email Hello@plushlocks.com 2 pictures on your hair front and back in natural light and we can assist you on picking the right colour. 


Can my clip in extensions be coloured? 

We do not recommend colouring your hair extension as it will make the warrenty void. 

However if you do decide to colour we only advise toning. This should only be done by a trained professional . Purple shampoo can dry out the extensions and make the lifespan shorter. Use sparely. 


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