Plushlocks the Salon

"it's a feeling"

We invite you to our luxury boutique salon located in the northern suburbs of Butler, WA. Our salon was founded in 2022 with a dream to provide indulgent one-on-one services. We pride ourselves on enhancing our clients' hair healh and educating them along the way.

Our salon specialises in hair extension installation. We make dreams come true by adding extra thickness or transforming hair volume.

We are a sustainable salon and recycle all our used materials, even excess hair, and strive to give back to the environment as much as possible.

As hair extension specialists we strive to maintain an ethical standard. We educate our clients on where our hair is sourced, how to maintain its longevity to prevent wastage, whilst recycling excess old hair.

Salon Special features

Colour Table

Our 7ft handmade colour table is designed with exquisite attention to detail. We offer our clients a place to relax and de-stress quite literally at their fingertips whilst they work.

Sit back and relax in our comfortable leather chair which provide ample support for working on a laptop or watching a movie.

Each station also includes a charging pod to keep your electronics powered.

salon special features

The Basin Room

Our basin room is designed for ultimate relaxation. As soon as you enter, our meditation music plays and the lights dim. Sink into plush leather lounges whilst watching a black and white movie on our projector.

Salon Special Features

Styling Station

Your final touches will be made at your designated styling station. Having our gold chrome mirrors gives you a full visual of your hair progress from start to finish. All the time, care and attention to detail will be revealed!

The Plushlocks Experience

01. Welcome

From the moment you step into the salon we want you to feel comfortable, at ease, and as if you've stepped into a relaxing oasis.

02. Consultation

Our consultations are a thorough conversation to ensure our stylists give you the best result. We explain the process, the goals and how we will get you there complete with a quote.

03. The Plan

Once your goals for your hair have been determined, we will set up a future appointment plan to ensure you have an affordable journey with us that maintains your hair health.

04. The Service

This is the best part! Where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy yummy snacks whilst we work our magic!

05. Rebook

The final reveal of your amazing results is finally here! We will discuss your home hair care regime and you can rebook your next appointment.