Introducing Hair Bundles...

Your secret weapon to making more $$$$ in your hair business in 2024

Transform your clients instantly and increase your profits in the process.

By investing more, you save more $$$, making it a win-win for your salon.

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Why Hair Bundles help your salon suceed! 

Plushlocks Hair Bundles allows our current and future stockists to order in bulk and hold stock on hand of our most popular colours and lengths. By purchasing at a discounted rate through our Hair Library program, you can save on hair and respond to client demands much faster.


Quck turn around time 

Keep popular colors and lengths in stock for immediate client requests, eliminating wait times for orders to arrive.


Increased revenue

Offering on-the-spot hair extensions purchases can significantly boost your salon's income.


Enhanced Client Experience

A broad selection of hair extensions improves satisfaction and service quality.


Cost Efficiency:

Our Bundles offer bulk purchases at high  discounted rates, increasing your profit margins.

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Meet all your basic salon bestie needs with this our smallest package perfect for the freelancer and single stylist wanting to start your journey with Plushlocks.

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Get ready to be wooed by a fresh new bundle that will leave you completely fulfilled.

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Our BEST SELLER that gives you the power to not only load up your salon with the most sought after lengths and colors but allows you to invest in your team's education to ensure SUCCESS for your business!

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How Does It Work?

  • 1Simply add your preferred Hair Bundle to your cart
  • 2Benefit from our educational resources to maximize the use of your new stock.
  • 3Your discount will automatically apply to your total once you reach the amount of the bundle.  
  • 4Select your preferred delivery method 
  • 5Leave the rest to us! 

Say goodbye to...

  • Losing clients to competitors due to lack of immediate stock.
  • Delays caused by waiting for hair orders.
  • Settling for second choices when your preferred color or length is unavailable.

Instead, you’ll...

  • Instantly transform your clients' looks.
  • Have multiply options to offer your clients on the day of their appointments
  • Provide immediate solutions to meet your clients' desired outcomes.

🤟 Testimonials


Having hair in stock has been a game changer for increasing  my salons profits and not missing out on potiental clients.

- Emma Long 


Investing in bulk hair was scary at first but when we started to realise how many clinets we were missin gout on it soon changed my mind. Highly reccomend its worth the investment 

- Tash Mcdermot 


We have been stocking Plushlocks for over 1 year now and having hair in salon has not only helped us to create a smoother process for our clients but also for my stylists. Having different colour options has taken the stress out of having to colour match clients individually. Worth every penny 

- Elise